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About Us

We Are In A Mission To
Help The Helpless

We Are In A Mission To
Help The Helpless, those whose hope is lost  
The story of the CEO  Foundation consists of a   many thick back long note books and cannot be summarized without the story of the Hummingbird.
The story of the hummingbird is a story of a forest that caught fire, and it was a huge fire, and it was raging and all the animals came out of the forest and stood by the edge of the forest, and they were watching the fire and they were very much  overwhelmed and they were powerless and they felt there was nothing they could do, because the fire  was too much for them. Except this little hummingbird.
The hummingbird said,” Am going to do something about the fire, so it flew to the nearest stream, took a drop of water and flew back and put it on the fire, went back again, took another drop of water and came back and  put it back on the fire.
….. and she kept going as fast as it could, every time bringing a drop of water and putting it on the fire.
In the meantime, all the animals are discouraging her, persuading her, not to bother, because it’s  too little, your bik is too little. 
… are bringing very little water and some of the animals that were  talking like that are the elephants with big trunks which could bring much water but the hummingbird kept doing what she knew best without wasting anytime.
…… and to stop her, they said “ What do you think you are doing? 
And the hummingbird said;, 
And so, for me and I hope you, that’s all we can do. whoever we are, whatever we are and whereever we are..
….  there is always something in our lives that we can do.
And no matter how small it is, collectively it could make a difference.
Hence; The CEO Foundation is a gathering of LIKE MINDED personalities drawn from across the hocks and the  crannies of the Globe, mentoring and promoting ONENESS, PEACE, LOVE and  UNITY.
The Organization is filled with   numerous creative thinking and positive ideas coming  from across personalities of their divers. Giving a helping hand to one another, encouraging and empowering  all and sundry and  to the best we can. 
CEO Foundation is a place  where we exchange views,  ideas and encourage positive thinking on what the mind can believe it can achieve..
The foundation has done a lot in the past and still doing more collectively as LIKE MINDS.
It’s  an advice and idea development and thinking box where we fine-tune great ideas and try bringing them to reality.
The Organization is known for  supporting school fees, giving envelops to petty traders, elder statesmen and women in our various and remote communities, helping the DSBs. All and sundry. 
While also finding best suitable solutions to solving other  problems and challenges, giving a helping hand, a shoulder
While Inculcating the right acceptable norms into the people, molding us to become good  people on  Earth  
The CEO Foundation is a moonlight story and a play ground for all where we tell  real life stories, discuss various issues and challenges affecting humans
It is a social forum and a gathering that brings people together with Love, irrespective of our  divers religion, colour, race , tribe , political associations  and among others. To helping bring out the best in us
The  organization is the collection of drops of waters to making a river and turning it  into a bigger river and an ocean of wealth and  resources to solving problems, giving a support and a hope to all and sundry.
And with all our Humanitarian Executives all over and all other executives, and the CEOiam Enterprises as the sole agency, our wings are simply set to fly like an Eagle
Not the last and not the list, the Chris Ezuma Onyebuchi Foundation inculcates and imbibes into us, the spirit of Oneness, peace, love and unity. Respect for one another, humanity, life and among others. A helping hand and a Shoulder. 
We simply say ; 
Stay connected and always✍
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Our Mission

To gather LIKE-MINDS to helping find best suitable solutions to various problems in our various communities through various positive ways
possible home and abroad while inculcating the spirit of Patriotism and the right norms into the people.

Our Vision

To impact positively on human existence, making us better humans, Stretching hands of friendship to touching lives, putting smiles on the
faces of people irrespective of race, color, tribe, religion and others.

Our Goal

Joining of hands to unite the people spreading PEACE LOVE UNITY with the positive mission, Vision FOR GLOBAL CITIZENS AND PEACE ON EARTH.

Help For Petty Business women

We are known for giving envelop to women doing petty business around the globe. Our way of enacting business growth

Help For Food

Food poverty is worst diet, worse access, causes worse health challenge. healthy food is an important engine that boost the system to thrive.


We are known for empowering  & supporting youths, our members, people with creative idea, all & sundry in our communities & crannies of the globe. 

Help For School Fee

Every child deserve to have a quality, safe and right to education. The vulnerable and indigent of underdeveloped regions are filled with skillful, talented but uneducated children.

Elderly Men/Women Visit

We are known for paying visit to elder state men and women in various communities around the crannies of the globe putting smile on their faces

Meet Our Team

Meet With Them

C.E.O Foundation finds it’s strength in the passionate volunteers who embrace our mission. Never underestimate the difference YOU make

ANYAFULU Damilola Miracle

President General CEO Foundation International

Lady Nwabichie Theresa

President CEO Foundation Nigeria

Martha Yebokolo

Past President CEO Foundation 

Orji Josephine Precious

Past President CEO Foundation 

Mrs Grace Damilola Ibileye

Past President CEO Foundation 

Adesuwa Ogbeifun

Past President CEO Foundation

Vivian Ibrahim

Past President CEO Foundation 

Rasheeda Ibrahim

Past President CEO Foundation

Justina Ogbeh

Past President CEO Foundation

Fatima Mustapha

Past President CEO Foundation

Ekpele Amaka Racheal

Past President CEO Foundation

Nnenna Ezekiel Nee ALAUKWU

Past President CEO Foundation

Itohan Favour Ogbekhilu

Past President CEO Foundation (at 20 years)

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