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We are not just drops, but a river of change, nourishing lives. Our humanitarian executives far far and near lead with compassion, guided by the wings of the Enterprises of the CEOiam; coaching, mentoring and standing tall as an agency for change to the cometh forth of a new social value system birth born by the principal same said tales of the moonlight; Doing the best we can and always

Donate to Support a good Course

This Organization is a  collection of  Tiny Drops of waters and efforts drawn from good Samaritans  across the crannies of globe to touching lives doing the best she can collectively to make a difference as won’t stop paying for school fees, helping women in petty trades, helping people in need, visiting the old and the needy and among others..

Donate for IDE-Initiative

IDE-Initiative gives you an annual health insurance from our chosen insurance company and allows you access our zero percent interest refund back Support Fund. You can also make yours to grow higher by accomplishing little tasks in the Organization. Send mail to

Donate for CEO-Initiative

CEO-Initiative gives you an annual alert usually every January of the year. You can accomplish little little tasks in the Organization to enable your CEO-Initiative to keep on growing. send mail to

Fund Raising Campaign

Whenever the need arises, we shall always call for a FREE-WILL  donations from great minds, donors, sponsors, partners, good Samaritans, all and sundry to helping us get it done.


Please do note the following.

  • It’s never Compulsory to be  a financial member donating to support a noble course
  • All your payments are  regarded as donations for yourself and to support good great ideas and positive thinking.
  • Don’t forget to send your prove to with your full names, phone contact, country of Residence and print same to keep it safe for reference purposes. If you are donating for someone you wish to help, please send the details of the person// *your names and details* in BLOCK LETTERS 
*Account* sole agency
*CEOiam Enterprises* ALAT by WEMA *(playstore)* 
Membership code 25 *USD* 0621428634
CEO-Initiative 5 *Euro* 0621428689
IDE-Initiative 10 *Pounds*  0621428641
Annual dues 10 *USD* 0621428634
  • You simply convert the amount  into your local currency and  donate using the prescribed paying channel which is  supported using your payment cards MASTERCARD/VISA and your other transfer gateways.
For countries where your local currency is not supported by the above currency, do mail the Organization to provide other ways you can still be part of this noble Course. 
Please note that the CEOInitiative and the IDEInitiative  are subject to change looking at it’s ability to keeping growing on their own 
However, You can also make yours grow higher than the Organizations own by accomplishing little little task in the Organization. 
Full members must have all as above stated and be on two of our Platforms
*Your donations can reach us from any part of the world while our donations can also reach you in any part of the world*
Courtesy *TinyDonor
CEO Foundation International
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