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Ministry: Gallabeth Chika Nwaiwu

Its 13 years today since God brought me back from hell.

It was exactly 5:05pm, july 11, 2011, when the devourer
“the devil” snatched my life away in a motor accident. I had completed a job in SPDC ( Shell Petroleum Development Company) Warri and was on my way back to PORTHARCOURT. I was trying to dodge a little pot hole. All I remembered was when my Toyota FJ cruiser jeep totally lost control,headed towards the bridge,hit the bridge, broke it, summasulted and plunged close to 100 feet deep into the river in Bayelsa State..

The last thing I could remember was that I saw the roof of the car when it left the bridge en route the river., I was helpless. My hands glued to the steering.
“that was it” finally the dreaded death has come. I never knew it’d come this way nor this early. At this point, everything I had given the most of my time working during my days on earth couldn’t count. All the foreign degrees, certificates amassed, the name and reputation , the company I worked 4, my girl friend, my family and all the influence, the money, the fame, even the jeep I loved, none of them did I remember. None of them could save me. One thing was certain, I was going to spend eternity in HELL or HEAVEN.

I didn’t prepare myself b4 the accident neither did I ever expect it. I just knew the devil had deceived me. I saw my corpse lying lifeless with the same blue suit I wore that day. I was made to understand that repentance, mercy and grace only worked when you are alive. At this point, no tears could save anyone. I watched and heard the demons celebrate my death and were making a caricature of my soul, spirit and body. They were by the left side, I heared them shout repeatedly “finally, we got him Gallabeth Chikadibia Nwaiwu”.

I saw the angels mourn. Not only that the devil took away my life, but he also had my soul.

Suddenly, I saw like a fire, millions of charioteers and angels descend into the pit (where those monstrous creatures held me) among them was Him, whom I had been betraying, the son of man, Jesus.

He came to drag me out of their hands. The devil stood face to face with Him to contest for my soul alongside his foul smelly weird ugly creatures. They were tenaciously accusing me bringing out litany of accusations against me and my weakness.

Immediately, two giant angels of fire jumped in and took me out of their hands. This still couldn’t take me to heaven.

All God could do to me was a 2nd chance. He sent me back to earth. After all the warning, God said “I’m giving you the last chance”. As I was coming back to life, His voice was sounding continuously like thunder in my ear “seek ye the kingdom of God first and His righteousness .

Immediately I opened my eyes, I found out I was deep inside the river. Suddenly, my car floated and drifted towards the bank. ( I later learnt it was the angels that
took this operation)

Friends, what are u giving all your time to in place of Jesus? What is that thing you are sacrificing ur salvation and soul for? That job, marriage, money,property will not save you when your own time comes calling. That your boy/girl friend is rather boy/girl enemy. There is no repentance after death. You don’t even know when it’ll come. People are begging you to give your life to Christ now and are refusing. There shall come a time when you’d be begging, and it’d be too late. If you are a Christian and you are living in immorality, you are playing with fire. God mentioned to me that Mine was among the rare people who get the chance to come back. You may not have the chance.
Thousands go to hell each minute.

Remember, devil will not strike you when you’d die and go to heaven. He first lures you into sin, gives you reasons to stay in the sin without repentance, strikes you and makes sure you go to hell.

Eternity is no respecter of religious, academic or any other title.
Christ has done the work for u, all you need is accept Him, receive and appropriate ( By Faith) the righteousness which He has purchased for you on the cross of Calvary. Live in peace with all men and Holiness, without which no one shall see the Lord(Heb 12:14).

If not for His mercies, I’d be in Hell now gnashing my teeth. But surprisingly, the church, the bishops and the clergy would have celebrated my days on earth and the work and efforts in the church, but they won’t know I was in hell. What a contrast. Hmm !! It is better 4 you to be a mad man on earth and make heaven.
You can mistakenly go to hell, but you cannot mistakenly go to heaven. Selah
Gallabeth Chika Nwaiwu

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