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(+234) 9029711131

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Ikeja, Lagos State

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We Are on a Mission

Restoring Hope to the Helpless

At the heart of the CEO Foundation lies a powerful story - that of the determined hummingbird. Picture a forest ablaze, animals helplessly watching. Amidst despair, a tiny hummingbird takes action. Fetching drops of water, it fights the inferno relentlessly. The doubters, even elephants with their vast trunks, dismiss its efforts. Yet, undeterred, the hummingbird persists, whispering, "I'm doing the best I can."

We are the hummingbirds of our communities, driven by a shared purpose. The CEO Foundation unites kindred spirits worldwide, fostering unity, peace, and love. Diverse voices converge to forge a brighter path.

Our canvas is vast, painted with acts of kindness. From school fees to support for traders, elders, and the underserved, we extend a hand. Solutions emerge as we ideate collectively, transforming dreams into reality.

In this digital haven, real stories come alive. We navigate complex human issues, unperturbed by divisions of faith, color, or creed. Together, we sculpt a tapestry of respect and positivity.

We are not just drops, but a river of change, nourishing lives. Our humanitarian executives lead with compassion, guided by the wings of CEOiam Enterprises.

Introducing the Chris Ezuma Onyebuchi Foundation, where oneness, peace, love, and unity reign. “See me for me,” we declare, inviting you to connect, engage, and create ripples of impact.

Join us in scripting a legacy of hope. Together, we soar.

Stay Connected and Always

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Brandon Copper

Creative Manager

Hardy Kennedy

Sales & Marketing

Fernando Torres

Marketing Officer

Ashley Roberts

Financial Advisor

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