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My sisters and moms wherever you are seeing my post from. Big congratulations to us all. The story of a woman can never be told completely. Every woman is a god on her own!! Her strength is enough and enormous anywhere and everywhere she is. A lot about a woman and about her is a […]

Chidinma Okereke may become the next president General:

Kindly support Chidinma Okereke with your prayers,good wishes and financial support on the ongoing contest of our next president General CEO Foundation. God bless you and always A house rent support shall be gifted on April 2024

Application deadline:March 25th. E-Mail : : ATTENTION:President General CEO Foundation Donor: CEO Foundation Grant Type Size:Amount not stated. If you know of someone in so dear need of this, please let us know. Countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone. Kindly note that we shall investigate on this and if found not to be true, your […]

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