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100$ Business

TOPIC; What profitable business can one start with a 100$ and where can someone get the money to start it?

18 thoughts on “100$ Business”

  1. Anthonia Omeche Idoko

    Most times for anyone to start this business, it means the person is already going through inadequacy of perhaps all the basics in the home, so taking a loan to start a business might not augur well for the person because he or she will eat from it and interest is still there to consider.
    gathering capital from loved ones or taking advantage of platforms like this our CEO that’s ready to pay the loan interest will be the best decision. So e.g, it’s better to pay attention to activities on this platform, and follow instructions by doing the needful,
    Intending sisters, have you paid your annual dues? Have you ever attended physical hangouts? I say make I ask๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿผโ€โ™€๏ธ
    In addition, pure water and soft drink business in a busy place with snacks like puff puff is a good start,
    Buying Ijebu garri in bags and packaging in smaller bags is ok, egg business is ok too as one can get a profit of #250 on each crate if selling in wholesale and also get #600 if selling 1 each,
    On the 20litres of good honey @ #55000, you can make 26k profit , it’s just that honey is not an everyday market, you have to build your network in church, offices and friends and family., thank you

  2. There are so many businesses that can be fine with 100$
    First of all you can start selling foodstuffs for supply for the busy and working moms it moves like mad with enough profit…
    You can even start cloths business….,
    You can also buy ingredients for the making of liquid soap, izal and disinfectant to sell.
    Or you can start mixing and selling perfume oil business….
    You can get the money from personal savings, Lapo..thrift and credit societies…even from the CEO Foundation and it’s agents if you pay attention and are willing to pay back borrowed money.
    From any of these you are sure to do a good business and have profit if you are serious with it…
    Thank you ๐Ÿ™

  3. Yohanna Naomi Karma

    I no know how much be 100$ for Nigeria note sha but anyways to make an attempt though, One could start to sell clothing or shoes in students environment and even portable fancy bags. You could get the money from savings and also if you are paying attention, CEO foundation is a good place to borrow or you could borrow from another place and they assist you with paying the interest.

  4. What profitable business can one start with a 100$, and where can someone get the money to start it?

    With 100,000 naira in Nigeria, you might consider starting a small-scale business like selling fast-moving consumer goods, such as groceries or household items.
    Alternatively, you could explore the food business, like a small restaurant or catering service. Another option is investing in a service-oriented business, like tutoring, event planning, or cleaning services, which often require minimal startup capital. Assess your skills and interests to find a business that aligns with your strengths.

    Secondly, to access funds for starting your business in Nigeria, consider the following options:

    1. Personal Savings: If you have savings, it’s a straightforward way to fund your business without incurring debt.

    2. Family and Friends: Seek support from close acquaintances who might be willing to invest or lend money for your business.

    3. Government Grants and Loans: Explore government programs that financially support small businesses. Contact agencies or other relevant institutions for available opportunities.

    3. Microfinance Banks: Some microfinance banks provide small loans to entrepreneurs. Research and compare terms and conditions to find a suitable option.

    4. Cooperative Societies: Join or form a cooperative society, as they sometimes offer financial assistance to members for business ventures.

    5. Angel Investors: Look for individuals interested in investing in startups. They might provide capital in exchange for equity or a return on investment.

    6. Online Lending Platforms: Explore online platforms that offer small business loans. Be cautious and thoroughly research the terms before committing.

    7. Crowdfunding: Consider platforms like GoFundMe or local crowdfunding initiatives to raise funds from a larger pool of people.

    When seeking funds, present a well-thought-out business plan to potential investors or lenders. It’s crucial to demonstrate your business’s viability and possible success to attract support.

    I trust that this can help someone.

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