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It is often said that woman are very strong and even stronger than men in the society. And if given the presidential office in the country they will pilot the affairs to a reasonable good distance.

Are women truely stronger than men?

Please let’s debate on this topic.

If yes debate on your reasons
If no debate your reasons

Share your ideas and opinions according to you answer.

16 thoughts on “A BIG QUESTION”

  1. Yes , there’s a saying that said what a ma n can do woman can do better , women are patient, they can handle situation patiently, they make sure things work in a right manner , they will first of all think of .masses before themselves, they care they are affectionate

  2. Oladimeji Olayinka

    Yes. Wen are really stronger than men, women are very focus when it comes to achieving their aims, women are too partionate towards achieving their dreams and goals, Women don’t give up easily till they achieve their desires, kudos to all women that have dreams and pursuing their aims

  3. Nyam christiana anap

    Yes, it’s the gospel true , woman are more stringers let me used this word ,when you look as the social today you will notice that woman are the more dedicated and productive more then the men,let me take ok the familys now,the father is working but you will be surprise what he use to do with his owned money the only thing the mother will receive is from one complain to another but yet the woman is still Strong providing for the children’s not minding what is happening, with this few points believe me woman are more stronger then men.

  4. Bidi Opeyemi Favour

    Men are stronger when it comes to muscle strength, women are more powerful when it comes to endurance training.Therefore, a strong and independent woman can create herself to be such via aerobics and exercise.

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