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(+234) 9029711131

Our Location

Ikeja, Lagos State A house rent support shall be gifted on April 2024

Application deadline:
March 25th. E-Mail : :

President General CEO Foundation

Donor: CEO Foundation

Grant Type Size:
Amount not stated.

If you know of someone in so dear need of this, please let us know.

Countries: Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone.

Kindly note that we shall investigate on this and if found not to be true, your e-mail shall be banned from sending any future applications to the CEO Foundation

Active members of the CEO Foundation

Anyone not a member can benefit but must be applied for through a member of the CEO Foundation


6 thoughts on “ A house rent support shall be gifted on April 2024”

    1. Egbuchilem Godstime A

      Yes , I humbly apply for the house name is Godstime Egbuchilem A
      Account number:2003455423, UBA

  1. Esther Emmanuel Tommy

    Good morning,
    Am a member and my rent expired last month due to the economy now it’s difficult to pay
    Please I need help

  2. Esther Emmanuel Tommy

    Good afternoon am Esther Emmanuel,a member please I need a support for payment of house rent. Thanks

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