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Ikeja, Lagos State President General’s speech

My sisters and moms wherever you are seeing my post from. Big congratulations to us all. The story of a woman can never be told completely. Every woman is a god on her own!! Her strength is enough and enormous anywhere and everywhere she is. A lot about a woman and about her is a story of the unimaginable. The God of every woman is that same God who owns the universe. Moreso and very importantly : Our BIG CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SARA FOR WOMEN, ALAT BY WEMA BANK AND MAMA AFRICA PWAN GROUP for finding time to include and to celebrate with all the women all over the world.

President General CEO International Anyafulu Damilola Miracle

3 thoughts on “ President General’s speech”

  1. Richy blossom

    Congratulations to all women here we are the strongest and most phenomenal. Love I all very much plenty

  2. Yunana Blessing

    May the Lord bless and keep every single soul in this family and more wisdom to lead and direct (president general CEO international) .Amen.

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