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Extracts from a true life story of a one of our members.

Among your boyfriends, the most handsome, rich, caring, nice and well cultured and the most that you love most proposed to you and you agreed without wasting any time.

After 2yrs you discovered that you are now deeply inlove with him.

Now you finally met the mom aΓ±d after a few months spending with her in her house, she woke you up one midnight and told you her story.

She began by saying that her son won’t last. You asked why, she told you that she looked for a child for so so many years when she got married. Her husband even have to leave her because of no child.

Then someone took her to a Native doctor who took her to the goodess of the sea.

On reaching there, she cried to the woman whose legs where like a fish. I was promised a child and a baby boy.

She then instructed that he can have children but then any woman he marries will die and after that he will also die in a few months to come. Because his real wife here in this water will get angry and come and do terrible things.

Out of desperation for a child, i agreed .Then the godess of the sea said that he won’t last because here in this water, he is also the gateman in one of giant gates.

He does not belong to the world instead, he is a fish now to be sent to the world to go and appease someone for a while, WHILE SHE LIVES.

My daughter, once am gone. And now am old already, he won’t last. He is living because am still alive and once am gone, he will burry me as my son and soonest, he will leave. This was the promise the goddess of the sea gave to me. (She said)

Date him, be with him but once you see someone to marry, Pls go and move on with your life.

If you observe, my son does not eat fish. Am I correct? And she said YES. That’s an evidence to prove to you what I am saying.

The only remedy is for you to return home here every year and go with him to the same waters and offer a sacrifice to the godess of the sea to renew his stay on Earth, instead he will abandon you with your children and rerun back to where he belongs and after a year, you will also leave the Earth. I love my son so much and I don’t want anything to happen to him since am still alive but when am gone, then I won’t know how his life and his end will become.
Thank You.


28 thoughts on “WILL YOU STILL MARRY HIM?”

    1. I will marry him
      Cause I love home,cause his mum opened up to me
      She trusted me with her son’s secret
      She trusted with her own secret
      I won’t let her feel like a fool for doing that.
      But all children with him na deliverance oooooo

      1. I will do a personal search and inquire from my creator he has the final say …
        if l receive a favourable response….then l will marry him…if not …omo…l find my way ASAP
        That my take…

        1. Well in my opinion, I will still go ahead with the Marriage, because the World Love change some many things,
          There is no more blind Love.
          I will still marry him because, I want to change the situation, and I believe our union will produce natural love that the world would emulate.

          I am commenting onbehalf of Faith isioma Oluwatosin

    2. Please and please, there’s nothing like love again.At that moment my love for him has vanished. . He isn’t a human but a fish, how can I risk my life cos of useless love. I can’t n I can’t marry a fish,he doesn’t belong to the world but he’s meant to be in water. How can I even sleep with a fish after I have known him not to be a human. How can one even bear children with such, will the children be human or fish. In fact after that information I will dare near him again,I will move on with my life. There’s nothing like love in this case, I can’t involve myself in such a mess cos I want to get married,kaii , I move on with my life and forget.

    3. I will still married him but I will seek the face of God I will took him to a real man of God to pray for him all power belongs to God the fish and water their power is powerless with God all things are possible I will serve God with my hole haert and pray that he will not die b/c what so ever we asked God he will do it for us so my God will fight my battle

    4. I can’t Mary him o, who will care for the kids when we are gone? His own life will continue after his death here and with another woman for that matter, nah my own life go waste Abeg love is not foolishness, let we humans marry ourselves and the underworld marry themselves

    5. Faith isioma Oluwatosin

      To me I will marry him and thank his mother for informing me, then I will go into prayers and commit him into God’s hand because there is nothing God cannot do. According to the word of God in lamentations 3:37 which say’s who is he, that speaks and it comes to pass when the lord has not commanded it. All power belongs to God.

  1. Faith isioma Oluwatosin

    To me I will still married him and thanks his mother for telling me, then I will go into prayers comment him into the hands of God, because there’s nothing God can not do. According to the word of God in lamentations 3:37 say’s who is he that says a thing and it comes to pass when the lord commanded it . All power belong to God.

  2. Because she loves the boy, she can marry him after both of them have gone through deliverance. Powers and principalities obeys God. I will advise that before involving yourself, first seek God.

    Commenting on behalf of Isioma Faith

  3. Faith isioma Oluwatosin

    To me I will mary him and thank his mother for informing me, then I will go into prayers and commit him into God’s hand because there is nothing God cannot do. According to the word of God in lamentation 3:37, which says “who is he, that speaks and it comes to pass when the lord has not commanded it.
    All power belongs to God.

  4. I believe what GOD can not do does not exist I will marry him and handle the case to master Jesu because even in my own parsonal issues that seems it have finished and Jesus proved him self that his is GOD

    1. Oladimeji Olayinka

      I will DEFINITELY Mary him, Love covers everything , once he has all the qualities a good man need to have, is left for me to reciprocate his love by running to the Almighty that can do all things , HE has power over the goodies and HE will cancel all utrances of the goodies and give us longer live in prosperity and peace of mind. GOD OF ALL POSSIBILITY CAN DO ALL THINGS

  5. No way I can’t marry someone I can’t spend my entire life with no matter the love I have for him. Marriage is not all about love alone. Why will I even marry someone that I know is from the devil? No way I rather remain single.

  6. Phauzie_Essentials

    Honestly I will love him and cherish him for as long as I can while waiting for a husband cos marriage is not just about love especially since love itself faded but harmony and together is what keeps couples. In as much as she loves her child, I’m also hoping to love mine as much when I start having them so I can’t carry a burden of a desperate attempt to generations and generations of rituals.


    Seriously it is deep but I will marry him but b4 that I will look for solution for our problem by going to strong prophet or prophetess to separate him from d sea world by reaching agreement with them n give them what they want instead of taking d life of my love …I will go higher lent to deliver him b4 d marriage will take place n I believe that ALMIGHTY will set him free so that we will enjoy our union till d old age Amen πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

  8. I will marry him and both of will be going to that river for sacrifice every year, provided that it will not take human blood for it after all we are Africans we have traditions so if going to the river will keep him alive not only for me but for his mother who suffered humiliation from people I am in for the marriage

  9. God forbid I can never marry ,I will thanks his mother for telling me and Thank God almighty for let me know on time and leave him immediately and move on with my life

  10. Hussaina Lami Umar

    I cannot marry him, I will move on, no matter the love I have for him. I want to marry a real man not a spiritual husband

  11. Honestly I cannot marry him! This is a journey of forever! This thing called love that will drag you into marrying a fish with drag you out when misfortunes befall you in that marriage leading to frustration.
    Yes we all agree that death is inevitable but how comfortable can one be knowing fully well that the husband she married won’t last longer and he’s not God’s creatureπŸ€”
    If you like call me pagan but gaskiya,,,,,,,

    Ah nor fitπŸ˜‚

  12. Nwosu Jane oby,
    I will not marry him but in the course of our dating I will be following him to the river for the sacrifice and also for deliverance sessions to cleanse him for the person that he will marry in future
    But for me thr feelings for him has long vanished

  13. Yohanna Naomi Karma

    Hmmm this one carry weight oo
    Well as for me there need to be a solution first then we can proceed witht he marriage.
    If I can find the solution to our problem,i will still marry him

  14. I will marry him cos I love him, with God all things are possible.whatever is dark in the eye of men’s is transparent in the sight of God.i will take him for deliverance in my church.there is nothing I can’t do for love

  15. I won’t marry not after this revelation. And if it’s a test of Love, then I believe he’s not my husband to be tested this way. It still remains, I won’t marry him

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