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Recently, a truck fell on a car in Ojuelegba area of Lagos.This incident was confirmed by the Lagos state traffic management Authority.

The public affairs department of the agency LASTMA said that the accident involved a toyota corolla with a truck.

The rescue operatives were alerted and they arrived rescuing the injured victims who were adminstered a first aid on the spot before taking them for further treatments.

Only one out of the three casualties came out unharmed and was asked to go home.

Please let’s pay attention and be careful. Always help your driver to be paying attention and remind them to pay attention so that they can quickly see a danger coming.

Thank You.

8 thoughts on “ALWAYS PAY ATTENTION”

  1. Hmmmmm may God continue to protect us ooooooo, may we always pay attention n help our Driver to always. Pay attention,it’s pays for o pay attention

  2. Anthonia Omeche Idoko

    When am in a car, even when am not the driver, I help drive in my mind and my body language o, I will even be telling you of bends, corners and others like say the driver no the see, I try not to over gist o

  3. It’s really terrible not to pay attention on issues concerning us especially that has to do with life. It’s always good to pay attention. May Almighty God continue to protect us all.

  4. Flora Ugwunwa Ekurede

    Paying attention in everything that concerns CEO Foundation will benefit her members in so many ways
    Pay attention to the monthly dues at your LGA physical hangout meetings
    Pay attention in our CEO Foundation annual dues
    Pay attention in our CEO Foundation idekoin
    Pay attention to our CEO Foundation humanitarian services
    Always pay attention in the use of emojis to comment on every wonderful comments on our CEO Foundation international.
    Always pay attention to marking present on your LGA platform
    Always pay attention to the past and present leaders of CEO Foundation Nigeria and CEO Foundation international.

  5. Yohanna Naomi Karma

    It’s our responsibility to help the driver to also check out for any danger sign we see coming our way. And we also discourage those drivers that ride and make phone calls at the same time

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