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How best I know CEO Foundation

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22 thoughts on “How best I know CEO Foundation”

  1. They little time I know I know ceoiam it has been an impactful experience,that has left an indelible my life.keep giving, keep changing lives,keep inspiring, keep being an instrument of radical change to humanity,to nation building at large

  2. Am speechless because CEO has been a blessing,,It’s an NGO organization that haz made positive impact in some many lives n is still making impact,I never regret joining this organization,I learned via this organization that always put a smile on someone face, I love Ceo๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  3. Anthonia Omeche Idoko

    From the little I have gathered since I joined, it’s a place that gives, encourages, gives pieces of beneficial advice, does not discriminate, teaches members on any issue that will add positivity to their lives, give helping hands to the needy when the need arises, in summary they promote unity, love, sensitivity and respect to everyone’s religion, do a lot of give aways, it’s a place of not just words but actions.

    1. Its an organization is has strong will powers. She does not tire. A mentor and a good teacher. CEO has many wisdom and she is the future.

      God bless this organization. She has touched my life for sure not with money but with good great words which money can’t buy

  4. CEO foundation is a registered organization, involving women from different works of life. The organization is known for its peace love unity, it’s a science and arts subject to discover the best women. The foundation has made positive impact in d life of many , helping the less privileged, orphans,needy, community development.

    1. The little time I have spent with ceoiam is a memorable one, this tinymoonlight story has taught me selflessness as a virtue, long live ceoiam ๐Ÿ’“๐Ÿ˜˜

  5. CEO foundation is a registered organization that join sisters together as one family and giving people a helping hands. And share love with one another. CEO foundation is a very good organization that gives a helping hands

  6. I just know ceiom this year, but it looks like have known them for is a organization that put smile on people is a wonderful organization.whenever you are in need they take your problem as their is an organization where everyone is the same.i am proud to be in the organization.i love this organization

  7. Flora Ugwunwa Ekurede

    Seriously speaking, I have been in several organizations, groups, and platforms, but in all these, I have never seen the one like CEO Foundation.

    CEO Foundation is a force to reckon with, an art and a social science discovery institution that strives to discover the best of humans, more especially the best of WOMEN, and YOUNG LADIES and THE BEST IN THEM.

    ……from far and near, so inclusive. she marks her three years anniversary on the 25th of September, 2023.

    With due sense of love from my heart, i join all the members from the world all over and beyond to celebrate this DYNAMIC and UNIQUE organization which has made persons even a person with disability her President General two times and with no atom of discrimination.

    An organization that gave persons with disability the opportunity to overseas her affairs and see beyond herself.

    An organization that recognized and praised persons with disabilities irrespective of how society sees them.

    CEO Foundation gives room to persons with disabilities to showcase themselves worthy of being the leader Nigeria is hoping for, and this is the kind of organization we all, both male, female, young, and old are clamoring for.

    CEO Foundation picks someone who is a nobody and makes HER somebody.

    CEO Foundation is a unique humanitarian organization that puts smiles to people faces.

    By paying hospital bills for so many people, she removed so many children from the street, thereby paying their school fees in full.

    CEO Foundation opens businesses for so many women as a way of giving them joy.

    CEO Foundation discovered this man that craws on the ground and bought a wheelchair for him, and his joy knows no bounds.

    CEO Foundation in her act of humanitarian services, paid house rent for so many that their landlord would have thrown out of their house, and also, she paid in full surgery bills that brought out a bouncing baby in the far west.

    CEO Foundation has brought
    WOMEN from different ethics groups, different backgrounds, and different religions made them all realize that they are all potential leaders irrespective of their tribe, social status, religion, etc. And that we are all ONE MANKIND.

    CEO Foundation is just three years, but SHE has touched many lives and inculcated many right norms into women to wake up and come strong and stronger.

    She is just three years old, doing greatly well, flying like an Eagle. So the big question now is:

    What will then happen when SHE turns TEN years?

    On this special note, I thank the founder of this UNIQUE organization, Mr Chris Ezuma, more grace to your elbow for being able to gather all these huge multitude of women from far and near. I tuale for this great organization

    *See me for me&UsForUs*

    1. Yohanna Naomi Karma

      Flora you really intended to have this win. I hope Patriot did justice to your writing ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Yohanna Naomi Karma

    CEO foundation is really a place to be. It’s a platform where live ,unity and peace is taught. We are all one in this house and we take each others burdens on ourselves. God bless CEO foundation, I’ve really learnnt alot from this house.

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